Content Marketing – The new drink for Digital Marketers to boost businesses

Considering the recent flood in the number of digital marketers in the industry, you must be under a dilemma of picking which one is the right one for your business. While the business growth is dependent of various parameters, content marketing is a cornerstone in itself. 

If I was at your place, I would go for the ones who are the addicts of good content marketing strategies and give out what we all know as Branding as a by product of sharing knowledgeable information.

To put across the point in a discrete manner, here are 5 reasons why content marketing is important for your business and which is where a digital marketer with a good understanding about content and communication helps brands carve their niche in the industry. 

  1. Because building a community of loyal customers is the first priority for a Brand
    The credibility of the information you share with your target audience defines their loyalty towards your business and product and most importantly, your brand as a single identity. Hence, giving out good information ensures you are building a tightly-connected community of customers who have chosen to follow you. Such customers ultimately give your business the brand ambassadors it needs in the long run. The involvement of your customers is strategically proportional to the frequency of the content that you share with them to interact with you.
    Remember, by giving your customer community valued content, you also give them a reason to invest time in your brand.
  2. Content makes your brand an authority 
    The subject on which you want to build your Brand needs to be projected rightfully. This happens only when quality content is delivered on these lines which gives your brand the authority on its subject. Holding the authority adds value to the brand as it relies on trust which is something that drives your sales and reputation.
  3. Being Social helps you connect with customers and their preferences
    Being Social is all about how well you connect with your customers and understand their preferences. However, it is not limited to just the interaction. Feedback shared by customers enables you to enhance your product. Apart from this,  Content at its best can inspire discussion, allegiance, provoke thought and get everyone talking.
  4. Your Brand needs to stay alive and not just survive
    This  is exactly that quality content does to your Brand. Content forms the backbone of your SEO and thereby ensures your Brand is alive and kicking on google’s ranking! Long gone as the days when keyword stuffed blogs could suffice the hunger of Google rankings. Today demands content that has a context and is relevant. Genuine words in blogs of your brand not only attract eyeballs of many customers, but also of the search engines for preferred ranking.
  5. Anything valuable is of utmost importance – Content Gives you that value
    Irrespective of the type of business you run, you need to market it to  be competitive. Your customers relate to you through the content your share. If it is of value, they become the consumers of your content which either should be giving them the insights or adding value through entertainment. The website being your virtual identity, must fulfill the same and using video for short films, posting amusing pictures, and relevant information will make your website worth returning to as a routine.

Content marketing is more than conventional advertising. It is a lot more about showing your customers who you are, rather than just telling them. 

“The words only make sentences, while right communication makes a statement.”

 Drop in your views in the comments if you agree or disagree. 


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