Like everything that each one of you have already been through in the year 2016, it wasn’t a cake walk for me either.

Some situations bold and rough,

Some critical, cold and tough.

Life was not how I wanted, though, it had its own boat to row.

Drifting waves and finding the shores, little did I fight and managed to grow.

Here are some lessons 2016 left me with. 10 Things to avoid in life.

  1. Avoid giving others more importance than you. Put yourself first.

    The first priority should be you. Are you doing something for yourself and about yourself? Those who speak about loving someone the most, should first learn to know how to love themselves first. Only when you can love yourself, you can love someone else.
  2. Avoid believing that everybody you know is your friend.

    Everybody has an agenda. Some people will come to you only when they need you, while some will come to you when they have nothing to do. But, realize that not everybody who comes to you is your friend.
  3. Avoid telling yourself that you are getting older.

    Yes, those photos of your friends getting married on your timeline every alternate day are good enough to make you realize about the passing time. However, believe that you are growing old. Just growing in experiences and in life.
  4. Avoid saying ‘Yes’ to everything that comes your way.
    Sometimes, it’s important and good to say ‘No’ bold, loud and clear. Also, that prominent dialogue

    “ Na sirf ek shabd nahi… apne aap mein ek poora vakya hai. Ise kisi tark, spashtikaran, explanation, ya vyakhya ki zaroorat nahi hoti.”

    from the movie “PINK” is everything 2016 should make you believe in. NO MEANS NO.


  5. Avoid being the ‘Perfect You’ and learn to be “You and Yourself” first.
    featured image(1).png
    Learning all that you can is the approach towards getting better each day. Not just getting better about one thing, but one thing at a time, every single day. Just how Amitabh Bacchchan has put it in a wonderful way in Wazir,

    “students yahaan aate hain jeetna seekhne ke liye. Main kehta hoon, seekhna to pehle seekh lo.”

  6. Avoid believing that you are all alone.
    Remember, there is someone thinking about you every moment without you realizing it. Friends can be far from the city, but are closer to the heart. Anytime you feel you are all alone, try adapting this one funda in your life – A call a day, keeps loneliness at bay! Grab your mobile and give a call to any person whom you met long ago but stopped talking in between; or someone who is your close friend but is not in your town. The only thing you must remember, that you must call without an agenda.
  7. Avoid spending too much. Irrespective of whether you have a lot of money or just sufficient enough.

    The financial crisis hit too hard on your confidence that you would realize only after you are in that situation. Although finances may recover with time, but you would lose a part of you and your confidence in that phase. Ensure that your courage is bigger than your fear. . Also, the fact remains, it’s easier spent than earned.
  8. Avoid following what others want you to be. Be what you want to be.
    featured image(2).png
    Making decisions in life is that new chapter of the book you read every day. Just extracting the right meaning and making the right decision is what life throws at you. Every single day is both, a challenge and an opportunity. It is up to you, what you turn it into. As it is said, follow your passion and money will follow. Be what you want yourself to be before you become what others want you to be.
  9. Avoid learning definition of success from others. Prepare one of your own.

    One that is not about the present, but pushes you towards a better tomorrow. Because others will anyhow judge you with the definition they have in their minds, but it is only you who can outdo their expectations and achieve your own.
  10. Avoid underestimating yourself when you are hurt deep inside.
    More often it is the closest person to you who hurts the most. Not always you will be wrong or at fault. Sometimes, even though the decision or action is right, just the time is not. Give yourself the time you deserve and then analyze how strong you are. Realize how each day you are growing stronger, confident, happy and have all the positivity you need to turn your surroundings in your favor. Your only limit is you.

11.  This one lesson you must comment that 2016 taught you! I already spoke about all 10 above.

( P.S: I love you for the interest you showed in reading the 11th point.)


6 thoughts on “10 THINGS 2016 TAUGHT ME TO AVOID IN LIFE

  1. Neha Ling says:

    Hey Aakriti, I loved what you’ve written and agree with all of them. The one thing that I’ve learned from 2016 is “Make sure that you Travel the World”, cause it gives us a better perspective in life. Cheers! Look forward to more of your writings 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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