Happy Workstations for that curve on your pretty face!

So two days back I had my new workstation settlement going on as the Company, where I work, has now moved to its new office.

While at work, we often tend to neglect how we keep and maintain our workstations throughout that day. Although someone does his/her job really well every morning to bring that smile on our faces as we come near our workstations. But, sometimes it needs to be addressed and appreciated. Not stopping there, maintaining that space as our own has surely a great deal of importance in our lives.

Here’s a glimpse of my workstation that I clicked that morning.


Although too many things out there, I tried to keep it least occupied to leave some space free and flowing. Yes, that even marks the flow of energy as per some Vastu tips I have read about.

I believe that having a space that’s encouraging to work and keeps your mental space free for some thought development is as good as sitting on a hillside with a scenic view to calm your nerves and boost your brains.

During my initial days at work, like many of you, I littered papers around and had too many things on my desk that often led to a pile (a mini hill quite literally) of some files of my own by the end of every week. And, with time, it got worse to make peace with that kind of messy space at work. It used to get too exhaustive, even when I didn’t have much of work to deliver.

So I had to try something new at this crossroad.

The perfectly shaped golden brown ring left after we finish coffee on the desk, the blue/black marks we unknowingly designed as we left the Marker open, quite a few times on our desk, are some usual prints we leave every day at work apart from our footprints.

Well, leaving a mark was not to be taken this seriously, I believe! Preparing a to-do list at work is a part of our daily routine as none of us want to miss the deadlines! But, ironically, keeping our workspaces clean has never made it to our to-do list till now! It may give some of us that kick when we see how much we have worked that is reflected by the mess on our desks. But, honestly, this needs to stop, as putting your health, workflow and creativity at stake is something one would never want to happen.

Here are a few things that I have kept on my desk while at the same time tried to ensure they occupy the least space. You too can try keeping a few of these!

The Calendar – To ensure I keep a track of my work and the deliverable as assigned to me. And, a calendar with some nice quotes is certainly a good one to keep you motivated enough.


My Pet’s picture- A picture that makes me smile every single time I see it is right up there on the notice board to keep that curve on my face alive. I have also added a small teddy with a smiling face to help me with the Monday blues.


A Pen holder- I generally keep colourful sketch pens in this as writing in colours is what makes me feel good and refreshing, whenever I have something important to jot down. No writing pad – I keep it inside the drawer to ensure I do not litter too many papers while scribbling.


A Cute Coffee Mug – To remind me to take a break whenever I am exhausted and need some time off from writing.


My Laptop – Last but not the least, that is a must for me to work 😛 Can’t avoid it!


This way I keep my workstation refreshing and myself happy at work. What’s your motivation?

Here’s what keeps me motivated-


You too can share how your workspace looks like and that one special thing that makes you smile throughout working days! I just shared mine!


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