Kitten Pakistani calls Indian Soldier a puppy – He may be right.

This man whose profile I came across on a professional networking site is actually right. If you get to know why I feel he is right, you would not agree more.


He says ” Get well soon Indian Puppy

The moment I came across this piece of nonsense, honestly, I felt all the rage and aggression like any other Indian would ever feel when someone points a finger at your nation. But, later I realised he was right. And all people like him are right. Here’s why!

It was these men lying in hospital who gave a bold reply to the terrorism that thrives in the state of Pakistan.
It was these men whom he refers to as ‘puppy’ who led the surgical strikes in Pakistan.
It was these men who stroke terror camps on LoC.
It was these men who caused servere casualties to terrorists and those who tried to shield them.

It was these men who destroyed as many as 7 terror launchpads and inflected heavy casualties.
It was these men whom Pakistan couldn’t face and denied surgical strike that Indian soldiers conducted.
It was these men whom your cat families couldn’t defend.
It was these pups whom your grown up dogs couldn’t defeat.

So, the next time you face a pup you will surely recall those 4.5 hrs of that night that shook your nation and left you shattered with every inch of terrorim grasping for breath. We Indians will choke your breath and seize your thoughts with our unparalleled will and determination we hold against terrorism.

This should suffice your such long pretended, non existing heroism you thought you portrayed in your post Mr. #whosoever in Pakistan!

You so kitty #Pakistan !


9 thoughts on “Kitten Pakistani calls Indian Soldier a puppy – He may be right.

  1. shahid ali says:

    wright independently : who killed 0.6 million Kashmir? who killed Muslim in Gujrat? Who are reaping Muslims grils due to eat beef, after Modi Govt. Muslims, Christin are unsafe in India. Amir khan, shah rukh, shabana Azmi and many Muslims declare already. and extremist Hindus what they doing with Muslims, you better know,
    Ms. Singh if this time not solved Kashmir issue politically, future is dark for both countries.
    both countries are fool, can you calculate how much money we spend on defense, why not we use the money for our poor peoples.
    think positive.
    Shahid Ali


    • Aakriti Singh says:

      Mr. X (because i no longer care to know ur name) stop making this issue a war between Hindus and Muslims! People in India are Indians first and the riots caused here are a consequence of some parochial and short sighted sectarians like you who are creepers thriving on these issues by taking advantage of this to get their bread and butter…
      You gotta grow up kittens! Remember that there are lions and puppies who may knock you down even before you breathe the next time.
      Regarding spending on defense forces, when cowards of Pakistan are not ashamed of spending on terrorists, then why preach about being positive? The cowardly acts of terrorists from Pakistan in India are a proof of sheer support of Pakistan to cause disturbance in the Indian subcontinent.. It is Our defense forces who have always ensured peace across the nation by putting their lives at risk.
      Speaking of spending on poor, India has all the goals set to fight the remaining poverty issues.. and I am sure that will be resolved as well, much like our soldiers will eradicate the terrorists state of Pakistan in the time to come.
      Also, i appreciate that you are asking us to help poors of your nation as you yourself are not confident of your nation to resolve that issue for your people!
      So, the next time you point a finger at us, remember that when you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself!


      • shahid ali says:

        Ms. Singh, we have proof India supply weapons to ISIS, RAW involved in Baluchistan. now your time is finished, world knowing the truth.


  2. Aakriti Singh says:

    I am sure your proofs are as fake as the name of your nation ‘Pakistan’ —
    In Hindi – Pak means pure but you people couldn’t even justify the name of your nation, what justice will you do to humanity and the human race!


  3. Rohit N Bhanji says:

    Times up for the Pakistan…balochistan must be seperated from pakistan to keep peace in the Indian subcontinent…..EVERY nation from SAARC has been rejected to attend the SAARC summit in pakistan , America is fade up of pakistan, Europe conutries are against you, you are alone now…a global pariah.


  4. Rohit N Bhanji says:

    Dear Shahid,
    We all as an Indian we never hated Paikstan still we dont.its been 60 years since indpendance of both India and Pakistan look where we are now .we are the third nation who have successfully completed our fisrt ever mission to mars, we are 3rd largest and fastest growing economy in the world,we are 1st in terms of exporting IT sector….list is so long.
    would you please tell me few things that pakistan achieved in those years ?what is contribution of Pakistan towards Global society?
    RAW is not a terrorist loving agency its ISI who gave birth to terrorism ,always supported terrorism ,carried out multiple terrorist attacks in India over the years.You dont want peace between both contires , you only want is are talking about your alliance counties ,we have good relation with all the Muslim world including saudi and Turky its only china who is not our friend.
    Our PM Modiji have always shows faith in relation with Pakistan but what pakistan only want is not being rude but why would we give our forefathers lands to you and you can only conquer kashimr in your dreams….keep dreaming.
    जय हिंद

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