You never know who you inspire quietly.

Yes! If you remember it to be something that I shared on my social networking profiles, then I certainly love you for coming back to check out this post!

So I sat thinking last night about how I have been spending each day with so many individuals sharing so many ideas at work. I was a little low about the challenges that I came across about putting down something as big as a paragraph into a tiny phrase which could still convey the message in an appropriate manner. Right then, I remembered how I used to go mad reading books during school days and you know it well that how it gets worse when the teachers ask you to read it loud in class. (Yeah! I know that’s funny but yes, it was kind of double work for me as reading the same thing again at home followed after this, too often.)


This triggered my mind… So, I attempted to write something, trying stepping into the shoes of the academic writers and it was something extremely different from what I expected it to be! It’s like a dancer writing about how to dance, but has never read about dance and only practiced dancing. Yes, it does get that tough at times.

No. I didn’t attempt working on it again but I did realize something that people like me and you often never notice.

So, here’s what I felt…

While textbooks of school still remind us of those long paragraphs to learn and appear in exams,

In spite of such ordeals we have been a part of, still why aren’t the writers valued enough?

Having to learn them is a proven tough task for each one of us. Ever thought how the writer began for writing the same?

You wouldn’t deny that learning started with alphabets in the kindergarten, while words led us to school as we grew from infants to kids.

Words turned into phrases and then into sentences, but it never appeared valuable, while we all strived to grasp the meaning of each.

Exams bring out the writer in each one of us, although that time, a few songs play as a part of the lingering thoughts.

Turning the answer into lovely lyrics, might not fetch you full marks, but surely gave you the satisfaction as you left the exam hall.

Writers have long been contributing to transforming insights into thoughts and thoughts into lessons.

Not only does it demand a bank of thousands of words, but also a thought process that drives them to craft some lessons that last over a lifetime.

Merely wordplay is not that needs to be understood. But, a lot more, recites the last page of our school notebooks.

We understand the words are a medium to express, but like a few unsung heroes and deep dug emotions, a writer’s words are still in oblivion.

A statement that touches our hearts, we appreciate them and applaud, while anything otherwise is just a part of a book with a long shelf life.

In real life we jump, we roll, we hug and we drool.

For a writer it is all in a world of words with both, punctuations and grammatical tools.

So, today, I write. I write to speak. I write to learn. I write to earn. But, I do not write as a writer today, as I know it may not reach all.

I write as a learner today who learnt something from years of schooling to lengthy office hours, yet doesn’t understand why aren’t the writers valued enough right from the start.

So, I do not write as a writer today.


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