My Dearest Lady

I recently bought a sewing machine for myself,

Because not many clothes were left that had their buttons in place;

I would not have expected you to gift me something like this,

But now I know what I am gifted with through you.

You taught me little things I wouldn’t have learnt by will;

I had never thought of this, but buying a sewing machine was something I recently did.


I can now cook my own meals, but I remember you never cooked only for yourself,

Each of us would tell what we wanted to eat, and you never complained;

Amidst the lovely smell of your dishes, we forgot to ask you what you cooked for yourself.

But now I know how happy you were to watch us eat, even when your back did not support;

I tried ample times, but I fail to recreate what you easily did in every meal.

I have never thought of this, but cooking a meal for only myself was something I recently did.


I can now travel on my own, fear still remains, but now I know

How you managed to keep us all secure whenever we travelled late night.

From driving to the friends’ place or picking up from a function,

Irrespective of time, every single time; YOU did it.

My Dearest Lady,

You have done it for years, without even letting us know of the efforts you have put in every time.

Now, it’s my turn. Yes Mumma, I have grown up and I understand.

Each of that little or big, everything you did for us.

Every big thing you did like an expert; even when you tried it for the first time.

My Dearest Lady

Today I am proud of every Mother who is a gift for children like us.

Not all are privileged, but I acknowledge the gift I have, through you.

Dearest Mumma, I love You!


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