How the story of writing began!

Today, when I look back , I had never thought I would be blogging not just to express myself but also for various other brands! Yeah, blogging is my love, passion and also a part of my work today!

I know, it’s amazing when your passion and love for writing is aligned with your work. Trust me. It Feels Great! 

If you think I’m a bookworm and crazy about reading books, then you might burst into laughter if I say – Reading a book was never on my list!

And today, I am writing and reading about many topics that I had never imagined would be part of my work and my life!

Learning is part of life, it never ends, so here I am to learn, to share and most importantly, to WRITE.

It was way back in the year 2009, when I began to experiment with the options I had to explore on google, the time when Orkut was the only option to get in touch with people and also share photos and make ‘scrapbook”.

I still remember having 1209 photos on my Orkut account shared by me and my friends!(I forgot my gmail login id password after that 😛 – Yes, it happens with all of us!)  Posting comments and adding memories was way too complicated back then as compared to how basic we find it now! Rather, today ORKUT is dead! Still remember a line that I came across – “Facebook Killed It!”

So, coming back to the time when I was trying out new tools online, I came across a website where I could write my thoughts and share my opinion.. seemed interesting to me and that is when I wrote my first blog that spoke about how girls and guys can be good friends and not necessarily there has to be anything more to it. Well, that was where it all began!

I would like to specially mention how much I have learnt after joining this very enthusiastic team of digital marketing agency in Pune. A place where I have found a new ME! Yes, you will be hearing about it from me very soon!

Feel free to comment and share if you too have a similar story or could relate to this!

This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more from me! Kyun ki picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!


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