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It is when you write, you measure the possibilities and opportunities.

Sometimes, the power of writing is such that what you write may not be true but, could turn true!


Aakriti has been a great support in writing down our content requirements ranging from website content to various other marketing collateral of Cubatic Group. It has been a great experience working with her since the beginning. She is always available for work, even when you raise the requirement at the eleventh hour. A hyperactive Girl as she appears, is equally workaholic and you can always rely on her for some quality work.

-Avinash Gadepalli

Quality Blogs that suit business demand & requirements  along with timely deliveries are a few aspects we at Fortis Links came across while working with Aakriti. Her good understanding of the business industry and excellent writing abilities aligned with our thought process enabled us to meet our objectives in content marketing and branding. If anybody is looking for a writer who can pen down their thoughts to meet business goals, we recommend them to work with Aakriti.

Sandeep Bafna
Founder | Managing Partner


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